Cary Grant loved to be seen in person. He socialized a great deal during the Hollywood years, particularly with his wives, and attended many parties and social events. He had many friends in Hollywood, such as Howard Hughes, David Niven, Rosalind Russell, Ingrid Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly and Howard Hawks. In his later years, he loved to see the effect his youthful appearance had on people when they encountered him.

Venice Pier Party

Venice Pier Party 1935
Lombard, Grant, Dietrich & Barthelmess

Amelia Earhardt 1935

Cary Grant & Amelia Earhardt

at a Hollywood Premiere 1938

Grant at a Hollywood Premiere

Only Angels Have Wings 1939

Only Angels Have Wings 1939
Hawks, Grant & Hayworth

Hollywood Party 1937

Grant and Mary Pickford
at a Hollywood Party 1937

on the set of The Philadelphia Story

Grant & Cukor
On the set of The Philadelphia Story 1940

circa 1939

at San Simeon, CA
Circa 1939

Suspicion 1941

Suspicion 1941
Grant, Fontaine & Hitchcock

Hollywood 1942

Barbara Hutton, Grant, Rosalind Russell
Hollywood 1942

at Romanoff's 1940s

Grant & Michael Romanoff at Romanoff's

on ship to England 1947

Grant on ship to England

with Kim Novak 1959

Grant & Kim Novak
Hollywood 1959

at JFK 1968

Grant after auto accident in NYC
JFK Airport March 12, 1968

NYC 1970

with daughter Jennifer, whom he had with Dyan Cannon
circa 1968

Academy Awards 1970

with daughter Jennifer
circa 1970

NYC 1970

NYC 1970

Academy Awards 1970

Grant & Sinatra
Academy Awards 1970

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